About John Guldalian

John’s history in the automotive repair industry started when he was 2 years old. His father left Lockheed Martin in 1970 and opened up his own auto repair shop in Glendale California. When John entered college, he worked part time at his father’s repair shop until he graduated. That’s when he began managing the store. After 9 years, John left the retail side of business and worked for a tire wholesaler for the next three years. Change came again when John joined his brother to sell tires on the internet.

Then in 2001, John decided to open his own automotive service center. That’s when he came up with the name Finishline Auto Repair.  Then on June 6, 2001 Finishline Auto Repair opened its door to serve Laguna Niguel, CA, and the surrounding communities. In 2006 Finishline moved locations to Mission Viejo, CA, and still serves the same communities.

My favorite aspect of what I do is to help people. Giving 100% to my customers and see them come out ahead is what thrills me. This is where the name Finishline Auto Repair stems from. “It’s not how you start that counts… It’s how you finish.” When my customers finish first, my customers and I win.

About John:

Drink: Sweet ice tea
Movie: Cinema Paradiso (1990)
Childhood Hero: Six Million Dollar Man
First Dream Job: Train engineer (5 yrs old)
Fun Fact: John was a contestant on the dating game TV show.

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